Health and Safety Passport Schemes

ITD is the premier UK provider for the delivery of the Health and Safety Passport and Passport PLUS schemes and was instrumental in the design of these 2 courses.

ITD delivers these courses though out the UK and has successfully trained in excess of 1000 individuals to achieve these passports that include completion of health and safety units within National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs).

Why choose the Metals Industry Passport Scheme?

"We saved between £10,000 and £15,000 on our employers’ liability insurance premium by all our employees achieving the Health and Safety Passport or Passport PLUS. Without it, we would probably not have got insurance at all; the Passport scheme has literally saved our business."
Matthew Power, Managing Director, DMC Recycling

"The Passport and Passport PLUS schemes have done exactly what we wanted them to do – changed attitudes and opened peoples’ eyes to their personal responsibilities. The proof that it works? A 75% reduction in lost time accidents frequency."
Eric Burgess, Health, Safety and Environment Administrator, Sapa Profiles

Business Benefits

The Health and Safety Passport scheme provides:

  • a basic standard of health and safety training for all employees
  • employer’s evidence that all employees have knowledge and understanding of health and safety issues and can apply this knowledge in the workplace
  • individual certificates for health and safety competence.

The Health and Safety Passport can be tailored for any industry and will make a clear statement that you are seeking improved health and safety awareness and performance throughout your workforce. And it will help to demonstrate that you are meeting your statutory health and safety training requirements in accordance with the Management of Health & Safety at work Regulations..

Better health and safety performance will save costs. Being able to show that employees have been assessed in the workplace and that all employees have been included may also help to reduce insurance premiums.

The Health and Safety Passport is based on NVQ standards, which have been tested widely amongst metals sector companies. Achieving the Passport may be the first qualification for many employees and the stepping stone to further learning achievements in the future.

Supporting organisations

The Health and Safety Passport is welcomed by the Health and Safety Executive and it is also supported by the following trade associations:

  • UK Steel Association
  • British Constructional Steelwork Association
  • British Stainless Steel Association
  • Confederation of British Metal forming
  • National Association of Steel Service Centres

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